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Security Fencing for Construction Sites

There are many different types of security fencing applicable to the construction industry. However there’s no one correct type, as it depends on the level of security and type of activity taking place on your particular construction or building site. The following is an overview of the major security fencing types available in the UK along with their specific uses and benefits. For a more detailed discussion of the requirements for your construction site please feel free to give us a call on 0800 114 3986

Additional information can be found on the regulations and requirements for a construction site with regards to perimeter protection via our recent guide.

Heras Fencing

Widely popular and commonly used to create a temporary barrier while work is in progress, heras fencing is a good option for short to medium term projects. One of the main benefits of this type of fencing is its low weight, which provides a system that’s easy to transport and deploy wherever it’s required.


For construction sites this type of fencing comes in an anti-climb variety; eliminating any footholds or areas where it might be easy for a potential intruder to gain access to the site. This type of heras fencing is available for purchase or hire, which allows a cost effective decision to be made based on the time requirement for these fencing panels. Entry level anti-climb heras fencing stacks up as follows (per panel):

Heras temp fencing
Find out more about our entry level anti-climb fencing panels

  • Height: 2,000mm
  • Width: 3,500mm
  • Weight: 13.8kg

These fully galvanised panels are most suitable for light security where it’s necessary to stop members of the public entering the site unintentionally or otherwise. For a slightly more robust but just as easily deployed solution SafeSite Facilities offer a heavy duty variation of the popular anti-climb heras fencing panels. These are slightly heavier at 15.9kg each; making use of Smartweld technology for added strength and durability over products of less rigorous construction techniques.

Heavy duty anti climb smartweld fence

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In the world of heras fencing our heavy duty round top anti-climb panels are the best you can get. Additional corner bracing and the option to reinforce this fencing system with concrete blocks provides a flexible and robust perimeter for your construction site. This type of temporary fencing can be used long term and represents the best security fencing available where mesh fencing is required.

Heavy-Duty Round Top Smartweld Fence

Find out more about our heavy duty round top anti-climb fencing panels

Access Gates

Of course while the main purpose of security fencing is to keep people out it’s also necessary to make access to the site as easy as possible for those working within the perimeter. Our temporary heras fencing gates come in a wide range of sizes to allow vehicle and pedestrian access where necessary.

Temp fence single vehicle gate

Find out more about our pedestrian and vehicle access gates

These gates use the same anti-climb galvanised steel mesh panels as the standard fencing options with secure locking mechanisms which make use of your own padlocks for simple site security. The panels are similar in weight to the non-gated fencing and make for easy loading and installation with a two man team.

Construction Hoarding

One of the key differences between heras fencing and construction hording is the visual barrier provided when using hoarding. This eliminates many of the threats associated with opportunistic crime where a casual thief or vandal may see something of value within the site when mesh fencing panels are in use. Hoarding for construction sites come in two main materials; timber or steel.

Timber Hoarding

Timber hoarding, along with cost benefits over permanent options, can be installed in concrete to provide greater rigidity and a permanent-like structure with which to protect a building or construction site. The panels are installed using bracing techniques and can withstand a great deal of pressure; making them one of our most popular fencing options where security is vital.

Timber hoarding in East Sussex

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A major advantage of timber hoarding, which would generally be in use for longer term projects such as housing developments, is the ability to customise the fencing specifically to the site allowing for an “air-tight” perimeter. This tailoring extends to the look and design of the panels, which can be hired or purchased to match particular brand colours if desired.

Additional customisations include the ability to fit anti-climb devices and any number of vehicle or pedestrian gates to the hoarding. All timber is ethically sources and panels may only be removed via machinery.

Steel Hoarding

Steel hoarding represents the most robust of all fencing options for a construction or building site. These modular panels can be used in a number of different situations and are of particular value when dug-in timber hoarding is not an option.

Temporary steel hoarding

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The galvanised steel panels are often more cost effective than tailor made timber hoarding and provide your site with a lightweight fencing option, which can be easily installed by a small team. Like the heras fencing options, pedestrian and vehicle gates can be quickly incorporated where required and are compatible with all mesh fencing as well; so you need not use steel hoarding exclusively on a site in areas where it’s not required.

This type of hoarding is also compatible with water-filled barriers, where a heavy duty base is preferred. Again water-filled barriers are easy to manoeuvre when empty, simply requiring a water source on site for a heavy duty alternative to the standard freestanding steel hoarding panels. The panels themselves can be linked to form a seamless perimeter around a construction site, completely obscuring anyone’s view of work being carried out inside.

Water-filled hoarding system

Find out more about our water-filled steel hoarding for construction sites

Optional extras, also available for purchase or hire, include the addition of barbed wire or mesh tops to increase the height of the barriers and provide a greater deterrent to would be trespassers. Stronghoard is another option within the realm of steel hoarding, which makes use of additional bracing and concrete blocks to provide an even more robust perimeter for your site.

SafeSite Stronghoard